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Keeping the maintenance up on your vehicles will allow you to drive them longer.  Just by paying attention to your car will help you catch a problem before it becomes a disaster. 



With today's gas prices its important to keep your car running well.  Scheduled vehicle maintenance such as tune ups, oil changes, and transmission services help to keep your car running better longer and more efficient. 


As important as it is to make your car go, it's just as important to make your car stop.  When you come in for scheduled maintenance at Thompson's Garage we automatically check your brakes and suspension. 



The wheels on the bus go round and round.  You may not think about your tires that often but they're all that stand between you and the road.  At Thompson's Garage we sell a variety of tires to keep you safe and are reasonably priced. 


Tips**  Place a penny in the tread and if it doesn't touch Lincoln's head then your tires are worn out. 

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